Pediatric Dentistry in Duncanville, TX

Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry for Smiles that Last

Your child’s smile is precious. Dr. Donna Barefield is an experienced pediatric dentist who loves giving kids a firm foundation for a lifetime of terrific smiles.  As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Donna Barefield understands the dental needs of children and provides comprehensive care for strong, healthy smiles. Since 1982, Dr. Donna and her team of children’s dentists have given Duncanville-area families full-service pediatric dental care that’s enjoyable for children and convenient for parents. We will cater to you and your child!

Our children’s dentists recommend that patients visit our office every six-months for checkups. A typical checkup appointment includes necessary X-rays, cleaning, fluoride application, and dental sealants may be recommended to prevent cavities. Ask how your child can become a member of the No Cavity Club, as well. Dr. Donna and our pediatric dentists protect smiles from sports-related injury with custom-fitted athletic mouthguards. If your child has a tooth that is compromised by decay or injury, a filling or crown can restore health, function, and appearance. Kids who suck their thumbs or use a pacifier may experience dental problems. Our pediatric dentists will discuss the situation and suggest gentle behavior management techniques to help your child overcome this habit to promote proper dental development.

Visit our office to experience dentistry from a child’s perspective. Review our pediatric dentistry services, and then call our Duncanville dental office today to schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. Barefield and our team of caring children’s dentists. We give kids a head start on a lifetime of terrific smiles!

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