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Children’s Restorative Dentistry – Duncanville, TX

Completely Personalized Care for Your Child’s Unique Smile

While preventing dental problems is always our main focus, we’re more than ready to fix any issues that pop up from time to time as well. Whether your child is dealing with a cavity, a chipped tooth, or a stubborn baby tooth that needs to come out, you can trust they’ll receive the kind and expert attention they need here at Barefield Pediatric Dentistry. We’re also happy to offer same-day appointments for little ones who need help right away, so don’t hesitate to contact us at the earliest sign of trouble for children's restorative dentistry in Duncanville, TX!

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Why Choose Barefield Pediatric Dentistry for Restorative Dentistry?

Dental Crowns

Closeup of child during dental treatment

You want your child to have a strong, healthy smile, and so do we! Dr. Donna Barefield and our pediatric dentists place custom-made crowns to restore the health, function, and appearance of broken, cracked, and severely decayed teeth. A crown fits snugly over a damaged tooth to provide protection and strength. Dr. Barefield and her team use stainless steel, composite resin (tooth-colored) crowns, and New Smile (half-composite, half-metal) crowns. They consider tooth location and function to select the appropriate material. Both stainless steel and composite resin crowns return structural integrity to compromised teeth. Composite resin crowns can be adjusted to match natural tooth color and blend seamlessly with your child’s smile. Durable and long-lasting, crowns save teeth and renew smiles.

Dental  Bonding

Teen boy with healthy smile

Direct bonding is a fast and affordable way to fix minor flaws in the smile without altering the teeth at all. Using artfully sculpted composite resin applied to your child’s teeth, our dentists can make a stain, chip, or thin gap seemingly disappear behind perfectly white enamel. The treatment usually takes about an hour from beginning to end, but the beautiful results can be trusted to last for about 10 years or even longer.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Little boy with tooth-colored fillings

The overwhelming majority of children will develop a cavity by the time they reach their teenage years, and while prevention is our first priority, we also have a safe and effective way to quickly take care of decay. Instead of repairing your child’s tooth with a dark gray substance, we can apply a composite resin that is specially shaded to match their enamel. After one quick appointment, it will seem like the cavity was never there in the first place.

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Space Maintainers

Child pointing to missing front tooth

Primary, or baby, teeth serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth. The premature loss of primary teeth may cause other teeth to drift out of position, which can make the permanent teeth come in incorrectly. Our dentists use custom-made space maintainers to stop this movement and guide permanent teeth into their ideal position. Space maintainers may be fixed or removable and are typically made of stainless steel and/or plastic.

Arch Expansion

Young boy with healthy smile

Sometimes, children’s dental arches (hard palates) are too small to accommodate all of their permanent teeth. Fortunately, interceptive orthodontic treatment can widen the dental arch to create enough space for their permanent teeth to properly emerge. Arch expansion minimizes or eliminates the risk of crowding and results in a healthier, more attractive smile. This is accomplished by placing a small metal bar in a child’s mouth that is gradually widened using a tiny key.

Pulp Therapy

Model of the inside of a tooth

Does your child have a really bad toothache? If so, please go ahead and call Barefield Pediatric Dentistry. We’ll be happy to schedule a same-day appointment so we can take care of their pain right away. In many cases, severe toothaches are due to an infection in the “nerve” of the tooth called the dental pulp. With pulp therapy, we can painlessly remove the infected pulp and sanitize the tooth to stop any discomfort and save the surrounding dental structure at the same time.

Tooth Extractions

Woman in pain holding jaw

If we are unable to repair a child’s tooth because it has developed too much decay or sustained extensive physical trauma, then we will recommend a tooth extraction. This will involve numbing the treatment area with local anesthetic and slowly rocking the tooth back and forth until it slips out on its own. Thanks to this approach, most children say they didn’t feel a thing during the entire procedure. For more anxious teens, we can use sedation dentistry to completely calm any lingering dental nerves.

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