Pediatric Dentistry in Duncanville, TX


You want your child to have a strong, healthy smile, and so do we! Dr. Donna Barefield and our pediatric dentists place custom-made crowns to restore the health, function, and appearance of broken, cracked, or severely decayed teeth.

A crown fits snugly over a damaged tooth to provide protection and strength. Dr. Barefield and her team use stainless steel and composite resin (tooth-colored) crowns. They consider tooth location and function to select the appropriate material. Both stainless steel and composite resin crowns return structural integrity to compromised teeth. Composite resin crowns can be adjusted to match natural tooth color and blend seamlessly with your child’s smile. Durable and long-lasting, crowns save teeth and renew smiles.

We deliver dentistry from a child’s perspective. Call our Duncanville pediatric dental office today to schedule your child’s crown appointment with Dr. Barefield or one of our caring associates. We give kids a head start on a lifetime of terrific smiles!

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